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Get connected to horsemen around the world who, just like you, look to Clinton and the Method to stay inspired and build a better partnership with their horses.

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Get access to member-only training tools, insider tips about how best to apply the Method, and exclusive deals and offers from Downunder Horsemanship.

No Worries Club

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Stay inspired to achieve your horsemanship goals with 24/7 access to Clinton’s ever-growing training library.

  • Downunder Video Archive

    View or download the Downunder Horsemanship TV show library, the NWC video archive and the Test the Method Series.

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    How-to instruction straight from Clinton to learn exercises and refine your skills as a horseman.

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    Training sessions focus on specific horsemanship topics, training issues and common horse problems.

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Along with unlimited access to the Method, one of the best features of the No Worries Club is its community of passionate horsemen. Establish an online profile to join the camaraderie. You’ll be able to search for members in your local area, join established practice groups or create one of your own, and build lifelong friendships with horsemen who share your dedication to the Method.

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Connect with horsemen who practice the Method and are dedicated to building the best-possible partnerships with their horses. The No Worries Club forums allow you to celebrate your training successes, overcome challenges you’re facing with peer feedback and ask training questions. You’ll find the No Worries Club forums to be a supportive and friendly environment that welcomes all horsemen.

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Find and connect with horsemen who practice the Method online and then train with them in person. No Worries Club groups are established all over the world and offer guidance, support and friendship to horsemen who are serious about the Method and enjoying their horses.

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What our members say…

It continues to amaze me how fabulous the members of this club are. At the end of the day, we all share a common bond due to our mutual respect and commitment to Clinton and his method.

Rachel B.

What our members say…

Joining the club started off as a way to save money, but the more members I’ve met and the more I’ve experienced the different functionalities of the club, I’ve realized what an awesome community it is for support, feedback and ideas.

Virginia D.

What our members say…

I love the DVDs and the journals, and I really love the access to all of the videos. It’s unlimited training information that’s available whenever I need it most. I couldn’t do without the club!

Jerry A.
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